Egging off into the sunset…


When we started this blog, it was about discovering how to cook on the Big Green Egg and documenting our road to cooking at Fargo Eggfest in September of 2012. That is so far away now, it seems like a lifetime ago.

I know I’ve said this before, the last time I shut the blog down, but this time I am officially retiring from Winnipeggheads for good.

Since our son was born over a year ago, I’ve undertaken a huge lifestyle change to healthier, which also means changing to plant based diet instead of one laden in dead animal fat. I’ve taken my Meatless May idea to the next level and I’ve gone almost Vegan. In the process I’ve also lost over 40 pounds and I plan to keep going. Initially when I started going Vegetarian it was more about the health benefits than anything else. However, the more I’ve been researching it, the more I realize that going Vegetarian is not only better for our bodies, it’s better for our planet!

If I do manage to find the time to blog in the future, it will no longer be here. I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a food blog dedicated Vegetarian/Vegan grilling since I’m done with cooking and eating dead animals.

Since we’ve already paid for the domain name for the next year we will be leaving the blog up for the time being. I know our most popular post is not even about cooking, but the one with the Egg table plans that Jackie did and this is probably what most people are searching for. So if you learn how to make a table from Jackie’s post, then glad we could help!

Peace out!


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