7 Months of Egging… a pictorial retrospective

I thought that since we’ve just started this blog about Egging that I should show some of the highlights of the last 7 months of cooks. So here goes…

Sep 11, 2011: the very first cook, I did after we got back from Fargo EggFest was simple burgers. I didn’t want to do something too complicated for the first one, I was more or less just learning how to light it properly and control the temperature.

Sep 13 2011: the second cook on the BGE. Did a beer can chicken and some grilled peaches


Sep 14, 2011: First steaks off the Egg

Sep 16, 2011: First pizza attempt… these have got WAY better since!

Sep 18, 2011: To celebrate my first week of egging… I did a TURKEY!!! It was a little over smoked, but it turned out pretty good!

Sep 21, 2011: Greek marinated pork tenderloin

Sep 22, 2011: Chicken Thighs. Left a couple unsauced so I could try the rub on its own.

Sep 23, 2011: My first (and so far only) Brisket attempt. I should point out that this was a low quality cut of meat I picked up at Wally World in Fargo. I was just excited because I never see brisket in Canadian grocery stores. My mistake was not known the US meat grading system and this cut was the lowest on the scale. It tasted good, but was sort of dry.

Sep 26, 2011: My first Spatchcock Chicken… never heard of this technique before but it’s basically taking the back bone out of the chicken and cooking it flat on the grill. It cooks faster and more evenly this way.

Oct 1, 2011: EGGtoberfest!!! We had people over for a big potluck gorge-fest! I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.

Oct 15, 2011: Ribz (and some tater skins)

I guess I took a one month picture taking hiatus…

Dec 3, 2011: Another night of party Egging that includes, artichoke dip, chicken caesar salad and sliders

Dec 6, 2011: Lamb Ribz!!!

Dec 11, 2011: Pulled Pork

Dec 20, 2011: Shrimp and Prime Rib

Jan 14, 2012: Nachos

Jan 15, 2012: Chili

Jan 17, 2012: Turkey Dinner Burgers

Jan 22, 2012: Thai peanut chicken thighs, bacon wrapped water chestnuts and Mac & Cheese

Jan 24, 2012: Creamed Corn

Jan 24, 2012 (continued): Drunken Sailor Pineapple

Jan 29, 2012: Spatchcock chicken & brussel sprouts

Feb 5, 2012: Superbowl Feast (pulled pork, Atomic Buffalo Turds and farmer sausage)

Feb 7, 2012: First high temp pizza experiment. Pulled Pork and Pineapple Pizzas!!!

Feb 12, 2012: Chicken Fajitas

Feb 13, 2012: Breakfast Burritos

Feb 14, 2012: Creole Shrimp skewers and beef tenderloin

There… I think you are all caught up. I’ve kind of been slacking in the picture department for the last few weeks as we’ve been playing with different pizza setups, but that will change soon!

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  1. Oh, I forgot all about those lamb ribs… those were awesome!! But then so were the nachos… and the creamed corn, and the chicken caesar salad, and… well everything. Looking back at all these pictures you took, it’s no wonder we fell off our diet!

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