Big Green Eggs at Costco, with a warning

So there I was meandering through the Costco on Regent today, when I spot what looks an awful lot like a Big Green Egg on display.  I thought, “no, it must be a knock off…” and I look up and it IS the real deal.  A large BGE including nest and side tables for $899.  Several hundred dollars cheaper than what you would pay if you bought the same thing through Winnipeg’s only authorized dealer, Hearth and Patio.

There’s one catch, though.  It’s a great deal for sure, but a Big Green Egg representative has confirmed on the forum that Costco is not an authorized dealer of The Big Green Egg and therefore these units will not carry the lifetime warranty that comes with purchasing through an authorized dealer.  If you care to read this thread, click here:

I’m not going to get into whether BGE should or shouldn’t stand by their product regardless of where they are being sold – just be aware that this great price comes with a catch.  If you aren’t worried about having a lifetime warranty, then this is a great opportunity to get your own BGE at a great price.

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  1. Update: we have received confirmation directly from a Sales Manager at Big Green Egg that Costco is not an authorized dealer and therefore warranty would not apply. If you would like to purchase your BGE from Costco, make sure you ask them how long they will warranty the units since the manufacturer won’t, and get it in writing.

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