Cod Fish Tacos and Guacamole

What’s that saying? A day late and a dollar short 🙂

Well that’s kind of how I feel about this post because I have another one to add shortly from last night! I just had an early shift at work yesterday and I didn’t have time to post this. In addition, dinner didn’t exactly go off as planned and maybe I’m still on island time because it seemed like we were eating late. More on that later…

Anyway, the inspiration to make fish tacos came from lunch we had on our second last day in Hawaii and we had fresh swordfish tacos at Duke’s Canoe Club in Waikiki. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much fresh fish in my life as I did for the 2 weeks we were in Hawaii and I really, REALLY enjoyed it. So now that we are home I am definitely hoping to incorporate more fish into our diet. I know it wont be as fresh as it was in Hawaii, especially living in land locked Winnipeg, but I’ll try.

So my evening of cooking got off to a rocky start and I didn’t feel like everything was up to par. In fact it felt like I was rushing all night and I was forgetting stuff (which I was). Dinner turned out good, but I felt it could have been better and I think I was having an off night because I just felt scatterbrained.

I got off work at 7:30 and headed to the store because I needed cilantro. Well after I wasted at least a half hour at the store it was now almost 8 by the time I got home and we’re getting hungry and I’m already feeling behind.

The first thing I do is go light the Big Green Egg. I wanted that ready when I was. It’s now about 8:15…

While the Egg is getting up to temp, I thought, well lets have a snack, so I made up some Guacamole and tortilla chips to tide us over. We were so hungry we ended up eating most of the guacamole instead of saving some for the tacos… oops!!! Note to self… if I am going to make kick ass guac, make extra next time!

So it’s 8:40 by now and I’m thinking dinner is NEVER going to happen. The Egg is ready but I’m not!!! I decided to do the onions and peppers in my cast iron skillet on the Egg so I go put the pan on to warm up and come back in to get chopping.

Onions, red and orange bell peppers and a couple Jalapenos are now all cut up, time to get the fish ready.

Problem is, I’ve never made fish tacos before and I’m not sure what I want to put on the fish. I used cod because I had some in the freezer but I really wanted halibut. Ok, whatever, I’ll use cod, no biggie. Except I think this is the first time I’ve EVER cooked cod. I bought it along with a bunch of trout, tilapia and pickerel at Costco one day that I was inspired to eat more fish and froze it all in serving sizes. So what the hell do I do with cod… as I’m pondering, time keeps marching on.

Inspiration finally kicks in… a little olive oil (so it doesn’t stick) then I put on some fresh squeezed lime juice, some Pampered Chef Creole seasoning, some pepper and some fresh chopped cilantro. That kinda sounds taco-y enough 🙂

It is now 8:56 and I haven’t COOKED a god damned thing!!! Wow… I need to get with it.

I then thought about the pineapple I had sitting there and thought that might be awesome in a fish taco, give it some tropical goodness… oh to hell with it, I don’t have time to do that too…

So I start off by cooking up the onions and peppers, lucky the Egg is really nice and hot so it takes about 10 minutes for those from start to finish!!

With the peppers done, I closed up the vents on the Egg because it was hot enough and I didn’t want to burn the fish so I just let the latent heat of the coals cook the fish… it’s now 9:15 by the time I get the fish on.

It only takes a few minutes for the fish to actually cook, looking at the time stamp on my pics, it’s actually 7 minutes between the last picture and this one below.

Ok, so then I go in the fridge and realized that I forgot to buy sour cream and we ate most of the guac… have no salsa… these are going to be some dry-ish tacos.

I forgot to heat up the tortilla shells… I also decided to skip chopping up some lettuce to put on too… just empty vitamins 🙂

So I just grab some regular and chipotle Tabasco sauce, use what little Guac I have left and make a kind of mediocre taco. It did taste good, but I think if I had my head in the game and I wasn’t feeling so rushed they could have been better. By this time though it’s 9:27 and I really don’t care, I’m just glad dinner is FINALLY ready!!!

I thought my seasoning turned out and the fish was cooked perfectly!!! So there were a couple upsides to this meal and I will definitely try it again sometime!!!

Happy Egging!



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