Thermoworks Infrared Thermometer Review


Thermoworks, the same people who bring you the amazing Thermapen, also make an Infrared Thermometer.

You just point it at something and press the trigger, it shows you the surface temperature.

The A/C was on and the vent by the floor was quite cool

This is my Egg just heating.

This has become one of my most beloved Eggcessories ESPECIALLY for making high temperature pizza on the Big Green Egg. Using this you can make pizza cooking a science. I know exactly what the temperature of the pizza stone is before I put the pizza on. Before I had this I often ended up with a burnt first pizza because the stone was too hot. Through a little trial and error, I now know that I am looking for about 550F-575F for the stone, but I want to keep it under 600F if possible. I haven’t burned a crust since getting this!!!

It also comes in handy for cooking on my cast iron as well. You can tell when the pan is hot enough to start frying an egg or some onions.

I also use it around the house for finding cold spots that need some insulating.

I give it a big 5 Eggs out 5!!!

Happy Egging!!!