First Cook on the XL… the Humble Burger

Ok, so not REALLY the first cook on the XL because that actual first cook was at Fargo EGGFest. HOWEVER… it is the first time cooking on it since we got home.

Before we get started, here’s the trio… the Large on the left and the XL are mine, the Large on the right is Darcy & Daena’s new Egg.

Here they are with mood lighting 🙂

So what would be the first cook? The humble burger! Why a burger? Because I like tradition sometimes, and the first thing I cooked on my Large Egg (EVER) was a burger. Because a burger can be a little forgiving when you are still learning the air flow and temperature control of a new Egg. Or it is if you pay attention to the temperature the meat is at.

Anyway, Jackie pressed out some 8oz all beef, no filler, patties (go big or go home) and I grilled up some onions to go with them…

I started the onions direct…

Then added the burgers and hit them with some Cluck & Squeal Beef Specific

… and then finished the onions on my home made raised grid

I forgot to get a finished picture of the burger…. but that might have to do more with the libations… 🙂

Happy Egging

3 thoughts on “First Cook on the XL… the Humble Burger”

  1. Brian, we have a green egg in Oakbank, Mb. Your efforts in Fargo look amazing. How many eggs were there? We are thinking of going next year.

    1. Hey Jim,

      Nice to hear from you! We had 2 larges and an XL at Eggfest, but there were about 20 Eggs cooking. Not as big as some fests in the south, but it’s a small town fest and it was a lot of fun! You should come out next year as a taster and if you like it, you could always cook the next year 🙂 we had a blast cooking and will be back next year.

  2. Congrats on the new Egg. Looks like you are gonna put it to plenty of use.

    What did you sprinkle on top of the onions? One thing I like to do is spear my onions with a toothpick. Keeps them from falling apart all over the place when you go to flip them.

    You’ve reminded me to get out my beef specific and use it again.

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