CapCatchers Bottle Opener Review

Well as you know I just built a table for our Egg, but it was missing a very essential Eggcessory.  Everyone knows you can’t BBQ without beer, and that requires a bottle opener.  But not just any bottle opener would do.  I wanted something that nobody else would have.  So I started looking into customized bottle openers.

We found a few sites that wouldn’t ship to Canada, which was a problem, but I then stumbled on to which does ship to Canada (and all over the USA too) and they will customize your opener to say whatever you want on it.  So of course, I opted for one that said “WinnipEggHeads” in green lettering!

It arrived in the mail yesterday, and I’ve already mounted it on the Egg table.

I love it!  I’ve added a link to the CapCatchers website under the Eggcessories section.  If you’re serious into BBQ and beer, get yourself your own custom bottle opener!

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