Bacon Wrapped Scallops & Tiger Prawns


This is what happens when Costco has their seafood roadshow out. What the seafood roadshow is, is a temporary seafood stand they set up with lobster tails, shrimp, scallops, fresh salmon, king crab legs and all that good stuff.

Normally I do prefer to support my local butchers and seafood stores, but really, Winnipeg is stuck in the middle of the continent. There is no such thing as local seafood!!! We can get local fresh water fish, but if I want anything out of the ocean, well, it has to get here somehow!

I ended up with some jumbo scallops, some jumbo tiger prawns and some butternut squash filled ravioli. I figured we could make a Caesar salad as well, because we had the ingredients for that at home already.

When Jackie got home, I told her what I was planning for dinner and the salad got nixed as it was just empty vitamins 🙂

So we started by wrapping the scallops in bacon…

Next we hit them with a little bit of the Pampered Chef Creole Rub, but you can use any kind of spice rub you like.

Next we de-shelled the tiger prawns and thought about putting them on skewers to keep them from curling up, but then we honestly didn’t feel like doing the work just for us. If we were having company I probably would have. But we decided to keep it simple.

Then I used the same Creole spice on the shrimp

I had pre-heated my XL Big Green Egg (it was probably overkill and I could have used the Large, but what the hell, it’s new and I wanted to use it) to about 375F with the plate setter on. So I would be cooking indirect, which is important for bacon, it burns too easy if you cook direct.

I did the scallops first because they would take longer, then I basted them with melted butter (I never said this was good for you!) and I added the shrimp.

When it was done, we served it up family style with the butternut squash ravioli. Sorry for the foggy pictures, we forgot that the lens fogs up at this time of year now. It was -2C outside last night and a lot warmer than that in house with all the steam from the pasta!

I paired this with a very nice Chardonnay that I had brought back from Niagara, Ontario. It was a perfect match with seafood, butter and ravioli! These were great to have as a main course, but could easily be done as an appetizer as well.

Happy Egging!

5 thoughts on “Bacon Wrapped Scallops & Tiger Prawns”

  1. Empty vitamins…awesome!! LOL
    I totally get the “we honestly didn’t feel like doing the work just for us. If we were having company I probably would have. But we decided to keep it simple” and the “what the hell, it’s new and I wanted to use it”
    I’ve always wondered about bacon wrapped scallops…the scallops are’t overdone by the time the bacon is? Or do you par-cook the bacon a bit? I’ve never attempted it, so I’m clueless. Wonderful looking meal, great job!

    1. I guess it depends on how crispy you like your bacon. This bacon was still a little chewy, but that’s ok by me. You also need to use a thick scallop. I don’t pre-cook the bacon, if you have thick scallops and you cook indirect around 400-425ish, the bacon cooks at about the same time. I probably could have taken them off a little earlier, but underestimated how long the shrimp would take, which was longer than I suspected indirectly. They weren’t perfect, but they were still pretty damned good!

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