How to get the Big Green Egg in the Table


While I was away on a business trip, Jackie decided to surprise me and build me a table for the Large Egg.

She did an amazing job! And she posted all the plans and instructions, so if you want to build your own table, she has made it quite easy!

The more complicated task was figuring out HOW in the hell we were going to get a 175 pound Egg into the table with having a Humpty Dumpty scenario on our hands. It turns out it was wasn’t too hard, but it did take some planning.

First of all, for anyone even thinking about putting an Egg in a wooden table, you need to get 2 things before you do it; a slab of sidewalk stone to absorb some of the heat from your Egg, so it doesn’t burn right through your nice new table and some Egg feet or the new Egg Table Nests they sell. You need that airspace between the stone paver and the Egg or it will just get too hot!

Now the tricky part here is that you can’t just grab the Egg and put it in the hole. How are you going to hold onto it? You can’t fit your hand and the Egg into the hole in the table to lower it. These things are heavy AND ceramic!

We had a solution. Use moving straps.

So we got harnessed up in back straps and went to lift the Egg out of the nest only to find we couldn’t cinch it tight enough and there was no way we could lift it up to the top of the table.

What about the forearm straps? Same concept but you only use your arms… well, same problem, we couldn’t cinch them tight enough, there was too much slack.

We needed a way to get the Egg part way into the hole in the table and then slowly lower it. Then Jackie thought, what about some wooden boxes?

So we stacked these boxes she had made previously onto each other and then we lifted the Egg out of the nest and into the hole, onto the boxes using just our hands (no straps). From here, we put the forearm straps on and we were able to lift the Egg enough so that Jackie could remove the boxes and get the Egg feet set for us to gently lower the Egg down. Needless to say, it is a 3 person job, 2 to lift the Egg and 1 to remove the boxes.

Done! Perfect!!! It worked like a charm!

Here is my Egg in the table with a handy dandy tool rack attached to the table

Here is my custom made bottle opener

And here it is from the other angle

See what I mean by a paver stone and the Egg feet.

Anyway, if anyone is wondering how to get an already built Egg into a table, this is how we did it. Twice! (my buddy had to do his Egg too)

Happy Egging!


2 thoughts on “How to get the Big Green Egg in the Table”

    1. Thanks! Jackie got the directions right off the Big Green Egg website and then made them easier to understand for you guys. I suck at building things. All I did was lift the Egg and buy the stone 🙂

      I used my Egg all year last year no problems. Of course we had a more mild winter, but the Egg can take it. Even on the couple -30 days we had, it was fine. I know I was a little freaked about using it at first, but really, it’s the cook that gets cold before the Egg does. I NEED to get a propane patio heater! I still have 4 propane tanks from my old gas grills… better use them for something 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

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