Pulled Pork Pepper Popper Dip


So Bonnie over Recipes Happen posted this recipe for a Jalapeno Popper dip http://recipeshappen.com/2012/11/23/jalapeno-popper-dip/ the other day and I thought it would be cool to give it my Big Green Egg twist.

I really just took the recipe that Bonnie had posted and I doubled it plus I added an extra 4oz of cheddar (so 12 oz total) and I used 2 cups of chopped pulled pork in mine… since I had about 35 pounds of it just happening to be kicking around 🙂 I also sprinkled a little Cluck & Squeal Original into it. Not much, just enough for a little flavour.

I mixed it all up and put it in a stone dish

Then I melted some butter and crushed some Ritz crackers for the crumble on top

I found because of the bigger batch, I cooked it at 350F for 35 minutes indirectly.

Because of being at my buddy’s place I forgot my camera and didn’t get any finished pics, but trust me, it turned out awesome!

Happy Egging!

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