Big Green Egg Ash Pan Review

One thing I had often thought about if I really needed was an official Big Green Egg Ash Pan.

Now this might seem like a waste of money, however, since I put my Egg in the table, I can no longer get a bucket under it to scrape the ash out. I had been using an old dust pan but it spills everywhere.

If you look at the pictures, the official Egg pan has a rounded lip that will fit right into the slider of the bottom air vents. This means it’s form fitted to the Egg and will help prevent you from spilling ash everywhere.



Is this an absolute must have EGGcessory? Probably not, but it is definitely a nice to have, especially if you keep your Egg in a table. If your Egg is in a nest, any old bucket will do or you could always use a shop vac!

I give 3.5 Eggs out 5.

Happy Egging!!!