Dizzy Pig Jamaican Firewalk Pork Skewers


This is the second cook of the year. We did chicken thighs yesterday but I didn’t take any pictures.

Tonight I was hoping to find more of those pork country style ribs at the butcher, however, they were out. So I settled on some basic pork loin chops.

I had some onion, pineapple and red pepper in the fridge already so I thought why not do some skewers? And lately I have been on a bit of a Dizzy Pig kick, so I thought the Jamaican Firewalk would be a good choice with the pineapple.


I simply just chopped it all up and made some skewers and hit them with the Firewalk.


I put them on the Big Green Egg directly, but cooked them on my raised grid at about 350F.




I cooked them for about 15 minutes total, I flipped them a couple times due to some hot spots in the charcoal and I cooked them till they all were above 145F.




We served them up over a combined bed of basmati and 9 grain rice.


Overall the Dizzy Pig Jamaican Firewalk was absolutely great on the pork, especially with the pineapple. It has a nice latent heat that builds up without getting to scorching hot. I may have been a little heavy handed with it, but it was still fantastic.

A simple but tasty meal for a work night!

Happy Egging!

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