Dino Bones (Beef Back Ribs)

After wandering into my butcher to pick up some steak to make a stir fry with, what should happen to catch my eye under the counter but some Dino Bones!!!! That’s right, beef back ribs!!! TWO racks of them! If you are like me and find the best part of the Prime Rib is the bone, well I just couldn’t pass those up so I took both of them home with the plan to cook them on Saturday.

Now I have never cooked Dino Bones before so I went to the Green Eggers forum for some advice and was turned onto this great post on the Nibble Me This website that used a version of a recipe from Adam Perry Lang’s BBQ 25 book here

I followed his instructions and recipe for the most part except that in addition to the dry rub I added a teaspoon of onion powder and 2 teaspoons of paprika.

I also doubled the recipe since I had bigger ribs and 2 of them


While the Egg was heating up to 300F I got the ribs rubbed and ready to go



When it was ready I took the Plate Setter off and tossed in a combo of wet and dry Whiskey Barrel wood chips and put them ribs on






I kept the lid closed for 2 hours and let the Big Green Egg do its thing!!! The recipe said to go at 325, but I ran it a little cooler at 300F instead.

After 2 hours the Dino Bones looked like this!!!



I left them on for about 20 minutes more while I chopped up a couple shallots and made the foil packets and the honey/water mixture, then took them off and wrapped them up and put them back on the Egg for about another 30 minutes.




After 30 minutes I took them out of the foil to get them firmed up a bit for about 30 minutes more, while I made the corn bread and then I pulled them off and let them rest for about 15 minutes before slicing them up.




They turned out amazing!!!! I would absolutely make these again only next time I would probably only need to buy 1 rack of ribs! But leftovers isn’t a bad thing!

Happy Egging!

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  1. These look SOO good! Maybe add some black treacle (molasses) to the bbq sauce mix? We tried cooking with it and it gave a real barbecue flavour and stickiness to the meat.

  2. Hard to find good racks of beef ribs down here. Yours look like they had plenty of meat on them. I should have eaten breakfast before looking at your site.

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