Raging River Alder Smoked Rainbow Trout

My local butcher shop started to carry some local Rainbow Trout recently so I had to pick some up!!! I was planning to plank this with some Dizzy Pig Raging River spice rub.


However, after having a long chat with my butcher Steve and getting a cow anatomy lesson, I figured I didn’t really have time to soak a plank when I got home. I had another thought. Instead of planking the fish, I figured I could smoke it indirectly. So I coated it with some olive oil so it wouldn’t stick to the BBQ grate then I hit it with some Dizzy Pig Raging River… made first for salmon but works great on Rainbow Trout as well!!!




I preheated the Egg with the Plate Setter inside to about 400F, then removed it, added the Alder chips and set the Egg back up for an indirect cook.




After about 20 minutes at 375F the fish was done.




We served it up with some coconut basmati rice and a Guacamole Salad.


It was pretty tasty for a last minute change of plans. I think maybe slightly on the smoky side, next time I might use half the wood chips and maybe try maple.

Happy Egging!

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    1. Thanks Jason! I have had that pan for years… I probably bought it at Wally World. I don’t use it that often, but every now and then it comes in handy!

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