Spatchcock Chicken Spice Rub Throwdown on the XL

As you have no doubt seen, one of our favorite things to cook on the Big Green Egg has been Spatchcock chicken. That is when you take a whole bird and you cut it along side the back bone, flip it over and press it flat so it sits like this:


So I thought that since we have our XL Big Green Egg, why not take 3 birds and do another spatchcock chicken spice rub throwdown! We did the first one with the Raise Grid on the Large.

Tonight we pit Cluck & Squeal Original from Ontario against Bone Suckin Sauce from North Carolina against Lois’s Pure Seasoning right here in Winnipeg Manitoba.


The XL heating up…


I got the birds on the Egg at 6:00




And I pulled them off around 7:15, when the breast meat was over 165F.




They were all cooked perfectly!!! Moist and juicy and they way a spatchcock chicken should be!

So who won the spice rub throwdown… well I have to say it was close, but I would give it to Cluck & Squeal by a hair over Lois’s Rub.

I just found the C&S Original had the best balance of flavour and the most complexity. Lois’s was great too but didn’t have quite as much going on. The bone sucking sauce was too sweet in comparison. I found it had the most sugar of the 3 rubs and the least salt. Really, in the end it comes down to personal taste and all three were very good!!!

Happy Egging!

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