Pulled Pork Nachos


This was the culmination of a 2 day cook, where I started by making Pulled Pork on day 1 and ended with making Pulled Pork Nachos for our Canada Day block party.

You will need:

  • Pulled Pork (as much as you like)
  • An onion, diced
  • a couple red pepeprs, diced
  • Your favorite tortilla chips
  • Your favorite cheese blend (mine was gouda, mozza & jack with cheese curds this time)
  • Your favorite spice blend (mine was chili powder, cumin, coriander & smoked paprika)
  • Vegetable Oil (I used olive, but have since discovered Avocado and would use that next time)

Being Canada Day I used only red pepper and white onions (along with the spices).


I then sauteed the onions in some olive oil in a cast iron skillet at medium heat until they were lightly browned.


I then added the red peppers and spices…


… and cooked for just a couple more minutes as I did not want to over cook the peppers. I brought the skillet inside and started to build the nachos. I used the pulled pork from the day before, some white corn chips, a mix of gouda, jack and mozza cheese as well as cheese curds.



So next came layering the nachos… started with chips and cheese in my Big Green Egg deep dish pizza stone.


Then some of the peppers and onions…


Then I tossed the pork with some chili powder and layered it on…


then cheese curds and then I started a new layer



More pork, onions, peppers and cheese then a little more chili powder on top.



I set the Big Green Egg up indirectly with the plate setter and the temperature around 375F and put the nachos onto the Egg.



I checked on them after 20 minutes, but wanted the cheese to darken a bit more so I left it on for about 10 more minutes before I took them off, plattered them up and served them with the salsa and guacamole.




All in all, it was a good Canada Day. The sun was hot, the beer was cold, the friends were fun and the food was awesome!

Happy Egging!

2 thoughts on “Pulled Pork Nachos”

  1. Cheese curds on nachos? Hell, I’ll give it a try…if I could ever find some that is. Still don’t know what they taste like. The nachos look fantastic!

    1. Oh yeah!!! You can put cheese curds on anything 🙂

      Too bad you can’t find any down there. The ones we have locally aren’t as good as the ones we get in Quebec. They are the capital of cheese curds!!!

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