Moonish-Dogs on the Mini


There is little classic drive-in hotdog and ice cream stand called Half Moon which is only about 20 minutes north of Winnipeg up Henderson Highway and is a classic around here! I remember my parents taking me there for my 4th birthday before they built their new location that actually includes a diner… but I digress…

Half Moon is famous for their Moon Dog, which is a Euro wiener style hotdog with caramelized onions, bacon and pickles on it. (they also have killer onion rings and milkshakes)

I attempted to replicate part of it as I didn’t have any bacon, so I just did the caramelized onion part.

First off was to cook down some onions in the cast iron

Then I added some butter and a dash of Cluck & Squeal Original



With the onions done, it was time to build my bun before putting the dogs on. Now these were softest, freshest buns that had just been made that day… so good!


I then I tossed the dogs on…



And in a moment of epic awesomeness, I decided to toast the whole damned dog on the Mini to melt the cheese!

So simple, but so good!

Happy Egging!!!