Ted Reader’s Bone Dust Drummies

For those of you who don’t know, Ted Reader is a Canadian chef and cookbook author and all round BBQ guru. The man has more BBQs and smokers in his back yard than I have pairs of socks! (I have a lot!) Check out his website here: www.tedreader.com

Bone Dust is his signature BBQ rub and I have been looking around locally for it but I never came across it until now.

So I hit the drummies with a bunch of bone dust…


I fired up the Mini Big Green Egg and as it turns out, 8 drummies is about it’s max! I got the temp up to about 400 with the plate setter on and put the drums on.


After about 12 minutes these things weren’t cooking fast enough for the sides… learning curve with the Mini I guess. So I took the plate setter off and dropped the temp on the Egg hoping they wouldn’t burn.


I finished them up directly till they hit standard good to go temp (175-180F)

We had these with some fresh Manitoba beets and a tomato caprese salad.

I have to say that I LOVED the flavour of the Bone Dust. Jackie said she found it a little salty, however I was a little heavy handed in applying it, so I would blame the chef and not the spice. I also like that there is no MSG or anti caking chemicals added to it. Just herbs and spices.

Great job on the rub Ted!

Happy Egging!

2 thoughts on “Ted Reader’s Bone Dust Drummies”

  1. You are rocking that Mini, but them must have been some small legs. I dug back through some pics and the most I can find that I’ve cooked are 6. And they completely filled the grate. Never heard of that rub before. Going to have to keep my eyes peeled and see if I can’t find it. Might not be available down here in Texas, though.

    1. I could always send you some! It’s by a fellow Canuck so it’s likely you wont find it down in Texas.

      Some of those drums were on the small side, some were bigger. I manager to get 8. If they were all big, it might not have happened.

      I am loving the Mini. It’s perfect for after work. It doesn’t use much lump and it heats up fast and it works for most cooks.

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