Roasted Dijon Whole Beef Tenderloin


I ordered a 6-8 pound whole beef tenderloin and my butcher Steve tied this beauty up perfect for me!!! He had it all cleaned and trimmed and trussed together so that the thin part of the tenderloin would cook with the thicker part and the whole thing would cook nice and even!!!

I made a rub for the this with grainy Dijon mustard, fresh thyme and rosemary, fresh cracked pepper, about 4 big cloves of garlic and some EVOO to give it a nice paste-like texture.


I spread it all over the roast and then put it in the fridge to set up for about a few hours.


When it was about 5pm I decided to put it on the Egg. I wasn’t entirely sure how long it would take to cook. I had debated about searing it off first, like I do with steaks, but then in the end decided that I didn’t want to burn the mustard rub and I would cook it gently. So I set the XL Big Green Egg up to cook indirectly at about 375F.



I did not open the lid until the meat probe I had stuck in it hit 120F. I did not move this thing around at all, I just let it sit there and do it’s thing and get happy. I pulled it off when my Thermapen read 125F in the center. All said it took about an hour and 40 minutes to get there.



I then let it rest probably another 30 minutes, lightly tented while I finsished the other sides.




In the end, it was a perfect beauty of a roast, so moist and tender!!! Everyone agreed, this was the best roast I have ever cooked! It was like butter it was so soft and juicy!

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    1. Thanks! The Dijon mustard and garlic thing was something my mom always did on a Prime Rib roast so I just ran with it and tried it on the Tenderloin. It was incredible!!!

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