Just working out the kinks…


As you can see I have been busy updating the WinnipEGGheads blog to have a new look and feel. The most obvious change is that I changed the WordPress theme from Twenty-Ten to Twenty-Fourteen. I really like the look and feel of this new theme, especially the “Featured Image” thing. Now I just need to go back and add a featured image to ALL my posts… eventually.

I also built the new menu system on the header.

We have the following Menu Items…

About – Just a bit about WinnipEGGheads, you know, the usual jazz.

Events – Will be posts related to EggFests or other back yard pot lucks we host. We may not always have recipes, but the food is great and we will try to get lots of food pictures.

Recipes – I have built a whole new recipes section based on the now streamlined categories on the right side of the blog. The Recipes sub pages will have everything we have posted in an alphabetical-ish order. If you click on the categories on the right, you will see all the posts that belong to that category in order of when they were posted. I am still working out some bugs on the categories side bar… and may end up getting rid of it entirely and just rely on the menu. I have removed the Archives widget as I felt it was now pretty useless.

How To… – Is not all about cooking, but also stuff like building Egg tables. The cooking posts I do have are not necessarily about a recipe, but about a cooking technique or process, such as how to… make pulled pork.

Eggcessories – Is all about reviews of the various Egging accessories I use or have used. I have a TON of reviews to write, so this will be a growing section.

Egg Maintenance – What you need to do to keep your Big Green Egg running tip top!

These are the menu items I have so far, I might move some of my links up there as well, I haven’t decided. It is still a bit of a work in progress.

In the meantime, I was cleaning up unattached images and deleted a bunch of pictures that were “unattached” but we actually in use… stupid!!! Now I have to back and add a bunch again.

I may also add, change or move some of the widgets around… we’ll try some stuff out and see how it works. It can always be changed back.

Anyway, you may run across some missing images, broken links and so forth, but I am working on cleaning it up, it really is a work in progress!

I hope you enjoy the new look and feel of WinnipEGGheads!

Happy Egging!