Big Green Egg Plate Setter Review

So I was just on the official Big Green Egg site and it appears they have now decided to rename the Plate Setter to the convEGGtor™, assuming its because it effectively turns your Egg into a convection oven instead of a grilling machine.

This is the official image from the Big Green Egg website. You can see it here.

Regardless of what they are calling this thing now, that is exactly what it does… it blocks the direct heat from the coal and redirects it up the sides of the Egg and back onto the food, cooking indirectly.

There are other third party devices that accomplish this as well and they definitely have their fans, however because shipping to Canada would make these things in the multitudes of hundreds of dollars, $65 for a Large Plate Setter seems like a deal!

I can’t remember what I paid for my XL and Mini Plate Setters, but I use ALL of them, on many of my cooks. Here are a bunch of examples…

Every time I smoke something, on the Large or XL, I use the Plate Setter.


For most of my Spatchcock birds I use a plate setter

When I make I high heat pizza, I flip it over, so the feet are facing down to get the pizza stone higher in the dome, but I use the Plate Setter.



Anytime I roast a hunk of meat or reverse sear a steak, I use the Plate Setter



Anytime I braise, make a stew or a soup I use it…






Really, anytime you want the heat without searing the bottom of your pan (indirect cooking) you want some method of diffusing the heat and the Plate Setter does that. For the best results, (especially for braising, stewing, ect) don’t cook directly ON the Plate Setter. If you leave an air gap by placing something (I use extra Big Green Egg feet) then the heat will diffuse better. If you look all my pictures above have the feet under the roaster to prevent the bottom of the pan from searing.

Anyway, I would say that probably aside from my Grid Lifter & Ash Tool that I use for cleaning my Egg out, this is probably my MOST used EGGcessory that I own. I love my Plate Setters and I have one for each of my Big Green Eggs! If it gets gummed up with dirt and grease, just flip it over and cook a pizza or 2! You clean it by doing a high heat cook and it just burns all the crud away!

My only complaint is they need to be a bit more sturdy. My first Plate Setter only lasted 2 year before it split in half and I needed to buy a new one. But even then, for all the cooking I did with it, I’d say I got my money’s worth out of it.

I give the Plate Setter 5 Eggs out of 5!