Flying The Coop…


I know, the posts have been slow around here lately… honestly, just no time!!!

We’ve been busy house hunting and we’ve finally bought a new coop for the Eggs on the other side of town. Now we are in house de-clutter and clean-up mode while we get ready to go on the market here. It’s amazing how much “stuff” one accumulates over the years… needless to say, time for blogging has not been a priority.

While I haven’t been blogging, I’ve still been cooking and we’ve made some amazing pizzas, some cool stuff with tofu and I cooked a killer dinner for Mother’s Day, including an 8 pound whole beef tenderloin… which was maybe slightly overkill for 3 people (Jackie & her parents) as I am still doing Meatless May and did blue cheese portabella mushrooms for me. I ended up turning the leftover tenderloin into baby food! Jackie says it’s important for babies (he’s almost 9 months already!!!) to eat meat (I disagree, as there are other protein sources… but I digress…) and if we are going to give him meat, it might as well be the good stuff! 😉

Speaking of vegetarian and Meatless May, it’s almost the end of the month and I haven’t missed eating meat at all! Not even the tenderloin on Mother’s Day. I think this vegetarian thing might stick. What I have found is that eating vegetarian has caused me to learn how to cook entirely new dishes and get more creative with things instead of the same old meat/veggie/starch. I also like a lot of the ethnic dishes I’ve been making; Asian, African, Indian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and so forth. Lots of exciting flavours to explore and new ways of cooking. Hopefully I’ll soon have time to explore some of these dishes on my Big Green Eggs share them with you! Two things I would love to get for the Eggs are a wok and a tagine… maybe after we move.

Anyway, hope you are enjoying a nice spring! Ours has been cool and wet. Hope that changes soon!

Happy Egging!

3 thoughts on “Flying The Coop…”

  1. Meatless May? That’s a thing? Geez. Well glad it’s almost over. Too late to get in on it now, not that this carnivore woul. Congrats on the new house. That’s awesome.

    1. Thanks Jason! This new place is going to be about a 10 minute commute to work for me instead of 45 minutes there and over an hour home. For some reason the evening rush hour is worse than the morning… There are tons of other pluses too so we’re looking forward to it.

      As for Meatless May, I don’t know if it is a thing… but I guess it is now because I made it up 🙂

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