What is a Big Green Egg?  Only the most awesome cooker in the world!  It’s a grill, a smoker, an oven, all in one.  Learn more at the Big Green Egg’s official website: www.biggreenegg.com

What is an EGGHead?  It’s a person who is a huge fan of the Big Green Egg.

What is a WinnipEGGHead?  We are the self-dubbed EGGHeads of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  We used to just call ourselves regular old EggHeads, but once we decided to represent Winnipeg at the 2012 Fargo EggFest, we needed a team name and “WinnipEGGHeads” was born.

We started out with a Large Big Green Egg in September 2011 then added the XL in September 2012 and most recently added the Mini in July 2013. We hope you will join us in our EGGsperiments in cooking!

Since we didn’t start this blog until February of 2012, we have included a pictorial review of our first 7 months of Egging, check this out here

We are in no way affiliated with Big Green Egg or any of the other producers or merchants of products that we have used/reviewed/endorsed. We do NOT receive any compensation for this blog… it is just a hobby. All product reviews are OUR opinion, so try things out for yourself and decide what you like!

Happy Egging!

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