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Deep Dish Pizza 1.0

Well, as you know, Brian picked up the Big Green Egg Deep Dish Baking Stone on the weekend, so we put it to the test making our first ever deep dish pizza. The execution wasn’t quite as flawless as we’d hoped, but we will learn from this experience and try again real soon, hopefully with better results.

Our main issue was that the crust stuck to the stone so badly that we couldn’t really get the pizza out without mangling it. The instructions for deep dish pizza on the BGE website suggest oiling the stone before putting the dough in, which I did… twice!

After first coating the stone with oil, I walked away for less than five minutes, and when I returned, the stone was dry.  All of the oil had soaked into the pores, so I oiled it again, and decided to wait a few minutes and see if it happened again, which it did.  I figured, “oh well, maybe it’s supposed to do that,” and carried on.  In went the dough, I stretched it out, and we built an amazing pizza with mozzarella cheese (could have used more cheese), salami, a chopped red onion, a chopped green pepper, 1.5 lbs of sliced mini-bella mushrooms, salami, hot italian sausage, and crushed tomatoes with balsamic vinegar and italian seasoning as the sauce.

I pre-cooked the mushrooms to get rid of the excess water, because there is nothing worse than soggy pizza.  I also softened the onion and green pepper a bit, but did not fully cook them.  The sauce, I reduced as well to eliminate excess water.  And of course, the sausage I removed from the casings and fully cooked in advance as well.

Then I just layered everything on the following order: cheese, salami, onion/pepper/mushrroms, sausage, sauce, more cheese.  It went on the Egg at 425F indirect, sitting on egg feet for about 40-45 minutes until the top of the cheese was nicely browned.

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All in all, this was a delicious pizza, the only real complaints are obviously the sticking crust, but also, I found it tasted a bit oily, which is ironic when you consider that I clearly didn’t apply enough oil  to keep it from sticking!

We are going to try this again, but next time, I’m thinking I will either use butter or crisco to grease the stone, instead of liquid oil.  Hopefully that will stay on the surface of the stone and prevent the crust from sticking to it.  We’ll report back on the results of Deep Dish Pizza 2.0!