We’ve created the Events Page as a way to gather the Official and Unofficial (as in taking place in our back yard) events that we’ve done.

It’s also a great way to just gather our all our big Pot Luck Cooks under one heading. There will be lots of food pictures, but probably not a lot of recipes or descriptions because even though most of the time I (Brian) am doing the cooking, the food arrives at our place with all the prep usually completed. I only get direction at the last minute on how to prepare it.

Slider Night 2012

Back in June of 2012 we had an idea to have a bunch of friends make small 1 to 2 bite burgers (ended up being 3-4) and then bring them over and we would Egg them one at a time. The creativity was amazing!!!

Fargo EggFest 2012

Our second EggFest and first time cooking. Our experience was just like being on Top Chef!

WinnpEGGtoberFest 2012

After Fargo EggFest we had 2 large Eggs and an XL in our back yard… same setup as Fargo… seemed like a no brainer to invite all our friends that came to Fargo as well as those who couldn’t make it, get a keg of beer and have a massive all day pot luck!

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