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This section is based on my experiences working with and cooking on the Big Green Egg but will not necessarily be about a specific recipe. It is more about the process of Egging and Egging related topics than the actual ingredients of cooking.

Jackie built our Large Big Green Egg table while I was away on a business trip. Learn How to… Build a Table for a Large Big Green Egg

After building the table, it took some figuring out on how to actually get the Egg INTO the table!!! It is a 3 person job and the key we found was to use moving straps and have something to lower the Egg down onto. Read all about How to… Get the Big Green Egg in the Table

Need to cook higher up in the dome or on multiple levels? There are tons of commercial devices for that but if you live in Canada and shipping is a nightmare. For a fraction of the cost see How to… Make a Home Made Raised Grid for a Large or XL Big Green Egg

One of my most ambitious cooks of all time was my Pork Butt Project 2012 where I cooked 40 pounds of Pork Butt at once on my XL Big Green Egg. If you are looking to learn how to make pulled pork, check out this now consolidated post on the topic.
How To… Make Pulled Pork on the Big Green Egg

This is one of our favorite cooking techniques and we use it a lot for various birds
How To… Make Spatchcock Poultry on the Big Green Egg

One of the cooks most Back Yard Chefs strive to make their own is Baby Back Ribs.
This is my technique for How To… Make Baby Back Ribs on the Big Green Egg

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