Well sort of like the dessert category, we are not really bakers either. Jackie will do it more than I will, but to be honest, I often do not have the patience to follow a “recipe” to the letter like is required when you are baking.

However, that said, the Big Green Egg is an awesome baking machine! It’s fantastic if you want to do some baking in the summer time and don’t want to turn your oven on. And the shape of the Egg actually lends itself to baking, because by design, it is actually a big convection oven.

The trick is to get it running and pre-heated at least 30 minutes before you want to bake. You don’t want that charcoal flavour to get into it too strongly, so I suggest you wait till the Egg is burning totally clean and all of your lump has been lit.

Baked Breakfast & Brunch

Apple Oatmeal Mini Muffins
2012EggFest (15)

Cast Iron Lemon Banana Berry Bread

Cinnamon Buns
CinnamonBuns (3)

Baked Dessert

Spiced Rum and Pineapple Upside Down Cake

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