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Bacon Balsamic Brussel Sprouts

While we had a whole beef tenderloin cooking on the XL Big Green Egg, I did these sprouts on the Large Egg. I cooked all of this directly in a cast iron skillet with the bottom air vent set to about what I would have it at if I wanted to the Egg to be at about 375-400F. Of course since I continually opened the dome, it never stayed at that temp, but it is the temp I stabilized the Egg to.

So I started off by cooking down some thick cut slab bacon that I got at Kelmar Country Meats as well.


When it rendered down, I scooped it out and added the Brussel Sprouts directly to the baconny skillet (These might be veggies, but this isn’t healthy for you 🙂 )


I let the sprouts cook until they were almost finished. At that point I added the bacon back in, about 3 finely sliced shallots and a bunch of balsamic vinegar (sorry I didn’t measure) as well as salt and pepper and some butter.


I know this last picture, they look kind of burned, but trust me, they weren’t. The balsamic darkened the already caramelized sprouts and these things were the best sprouts I think I’ve ever eaten.


Happy Egging!