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Mother’s Day 2014 (Beef Tenderloin Roast)


Here are some pictures from the Mother’s Day meal I made for Jackie and her parents. Better late than never right!

This was the beef tenderloin I had my butcher tie up for me so it was a nice and even hunk of meat. I cooked it a little more than usual (at Jackie’s request) until it hit 135F internal. Took about 2 hours (give or take) at about 375F, indirectly.

The rub is my standard Dijon/Garlic/Worcestershire blend that I have done before.




I also made some twice baked potatoes. I baked the potatoes in the oven first and then scooped them out and mixed them with garlic, butter, sour cream, green onion, shallots, old sharp cheddar and bacon in most of them. For mine, I replaced the bacon with blue cheese.

I put these on the Egg when the meat hit about 100F and let them go for about 30-40 minutes, also indirect at 375F




While beef and potatoes were on the XL, I “could” have fired up the large for the beets… but just didn’t feel like it… so I did them in the oven.


I also made some creamy mushrooms on the stove while the rest of the stuff was cooking. Basically Julia Child’s butter and cream mushrooms… cook them till they get nice an caramelized and add a shot of wine and some cream. Horrible for you, but a tasty treat.


Once the beef and potatoes were off, I put my mushrooms on the Egg. I brushed them with olive oil and Italian seasoning and grilled them gill side down, then flipped them and topped with some blue cheese till it got all gooey and melty…



Here is my plate… no beef. Sorry, forgot to get a good sliced beef picture…

I also made a killer asparagus salad!


Happy Egging!