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How to make a home made Raised Grid for a Large or XL Big Green Egg

Using a raised grid will allow you to cook higher up in the dome and further away from the direct heat of the charcoal and it also allows you to cook on multiple levels. There are many ways you can do this with various official and unofficial grid accessories that you can buy and many come well loved by their EggHead owners.

However, after looking into the prospect of a couple of these solutions, the shipping to Manitoba would take the price upwards of $300… which was a little steep just to cook on 2 levels.

So after perusing the Big Green Egg forums I found some home made raised grid solutions. This is what you require to build your own Raised Grid.

1 x 17 inch grill grid (a Large Egg has an 18 inch grid, so you want the raised grid to be slightly smaller)
4 x 4 inch stainless steel bolts
12 x stainless steel washers
12 x stainless steel nuts

It is important to spend the money on stainless steel parts because they wont corrode or emit toxic fumes/elements into your food. I found the 17 inch grid at Menards in Fargo for about $12 and bought the nuts, washers and bolts here in Winnipeg at Home Depot for about $40. Might have been cheaper at Menards… still $50 for a raised grid was better than $300!!!

As you can see in the following picture I threaded a washer onto the bolt then stuck the bolt through the grid. I threaded a second washer onto the bolt and then secured them with all with a nut. On the bottom end of the bolt I threaded a nut, then a washer then a final nut onto the bolt and tightened them up in order to create a stand which can sit on the lower grid.

I aligned the bolts so that the bottom nuts/washers fit nicely into the grove of the BGE grill

I have found this setup to be extremely useful for a number of different cooks, with and without the plate setter on both my Large & XL Big Green Eggs.








Happy Egging!