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Apple Pecan Pizzas

A while back we made these pizzas on a lazy Sunday afternoon. We had leftover pizza dough we needed to use so we decided to make some dessert or brunch style pizzas… your call.

We made 2 pizzas with slight variations in toppings

For each pizza you will need:

  • Pizza Dough (your own recipe or ours)
  • 1 apple of your choice (sliced)
  • 1 TBSP of butter for melting
  • 1 TBSP of Lemon juice
  • pecans
  • a sprinkling brown or raw sugar
  • a dash of cinnamon to taste

For Jackie’s Apple Pecan & Ginger Pizza you will need to add:

  • 1 TSP Zested Ginger

For Brian’s Apple Pecan Crasin Pizza you will need to add:

  • a handful of Crasins or other dried fruit
  • Grated Asiago Cheese

We started by rolling out half a recipe of pizza dough (full recipe makes 2 full size pizzas) into to 2 small personal sized pizzas.

Then we sliced some apples on the mandolin very thin and tossed them in some lemon juice to keep them from browning.

Jackie suggested we use melted butter as the sauce… good call!

Next, we sprinkled on some turbinado sugar and then put the sliced apples on.

On Jackie’s pizza she put cinnamon on top, then some crushed pecans and then some fresh grated ginger.

On my pizza I put cinnamon, pecans, Craisins and then I topped it with Asiago cheese, which I didn’t get in the picture.

Here are the finished pizzas:

Both pizzas were fantastic!!! The ginger on Jackie’s had some nice heat and real refreshing bite. The Asiago on mine, combined with the pecans gave the pizza a nice nuttiness and a great tang, while the Craisins added sweetness.

Happy Egging