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Buffalo Chickpea & Quinoa Burger


I found this recipe while reading some new blogs and the Buffalo Sauce part of it really caught my eye. The only thing I did different really is that the recipe says to fry these burgers but I knew better and put them on my Big Green Egg!

A few weeks back we made Buffalo Wings and we still had some of the sauce kicking around in the fridge. There was no worry about it going off as it is really just salted, vinegared hot sauce combined with butter and honey… all things that keep will under the modern miracle of refrigeration! 🙂

Anyway I thought I would give these Buffalo Chickpea & Quinoa Burgers a try.

I am not going re-post the recipe… I’ll be honest, sometimes I’m lazy that way, just click the link above 🙂

I did actually follow this one pretty closely except for making the Buffalo Sauce, since we already had that made, but it is pretty much what we do too. Only thing not pictured that I used was 1 beaten egg.


Also, the original recipe says this makes 5 patties, well maybe I just have big hands, but I got 4.



They also suggest if they are too wet that you can add some breadcrumbs. I didn’t need to add much. This is what I DIDN’T use from the 1/4 cup of crumbs.


The burgers went onto the Egg on my Raised Grid, over direct heat at about 350-400F.


They didn’t take long, 10 or 15 minutes tops. I didn’t time them. Then I brushed them with more Buffalo Sauce


I topped mine with blue cheese and Jackie’s with Jalapeno Havarti


And plated it up with some grilled onions, local tomatoes, home made pickles, oven roasted sweet potatoes and a Strawberry Apple Pecan salad.


Overall, I thought the burger was good, but my bad as I put WAY too much blue cheese on mine. I am a blue cheese fiend so more is better right! Well not always, it kind of drowned out the flavour of the burger. Sometimes less is more. They were also a little bit crumbly, but I would absolutely make these again! Next time I might try adding a dash of Tabasco wood chips and see what a dash of smoke does.

Happy Egging