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Poutine Pizza 2.0


We have all these cheese curds we brought back from Quebec in the freezer so we thought should use them before they go bad and make a Poutine Pizza!

Now, we’ve done Poutine Pizza before and it didn’t work too well. The potatoes just didn’t turn out and the whole thing was a bit of a mess. Then it hit me! The problem was we tried to use potatoes from scratch before. Why not pre-cook some tater tots as the potato? Brilliant!!!

You will need:

  • Pizza Dough (your own recipe or ours)
  • Your favorite cheese Cheese Curds
  • Mozzerella
  • Your favorite gravy (if you want to make it vegetarian, use veggie stock gravy)
  • tater tots (or a reasonable facsimile… some kind of hashbrown you can pre-cook)

We used condensed beef consume and Jackie made a beef gravy. We cooked up some tater tots in the oven until they were good and crisp and then we built our pizza.

We started with Jackie’s standard home made pizza dough recipe. Then topped it with gravy, tater tots, cheese curds and a bit of mozza to hold it all together.

Then onto a very hot Egg. The dome temp was around 600, the pizza stone was in the high 500s on the edges, high 400s in the center.

It cooked for about 5 minutes

Then pulled it off and let it cool a bit before chowing down.

Poutine Pizza 2.0 was a cheesy success!

Happy Egging!