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Pickerel Cheek Fa-Pitas


I was wondering what in the hell I was going to call these. The idea was to do a sort of fish taco… but I did not have taco shells or tortillas but I had some Pitas in the freezer that I knew I could use. Besides, the pitas are WAY healthier than the tortillas. Have you ever looked at the sodium content on your average tortilla??? It’s shocking! There is only one brand I have found in Winnipeg at Safeway that is an “authentic” corn tortilla that is NOT loaded with sodium, and I just didn’t feel like going there to get them. Anyway… I digress… on to what Jackie aptly named Fa-Pitas!

After making up some Guacamole, it was time to get the rest of the ingredients ready. I was going to saute some onions and peppers in the cast iron with some chili and cumin powder and then use the cilantro and lime juice on the pickerel.


I got my Mise en Place set up outside on the Egg Table and had my Mini Big Green Egg warming up. Also had a requisite Margarita to quench my thirst with all this cooking!


Alrighty, so the Mini was hot enough to start heating up the cast iron. I have a smaller skillet that fits better, but this one still fit on the Mini, I just couldn’t close the lid… which was ok, I was going for more of a camp fire feel with this cook anyway.


I waited till the cast iron was hot. There are many ways of checking… the water test or even touching it (ouch) but my favorite is to use my IR Thermometer from Thermoworks. Takes the guess work out.


It was ready to go so I tossed in some veg oil, warmed it and added the onions first.


When they looked like they were sufficiently softened, I added the peppers


And then the spices


And after a couple minutes they were ready to come off.


Next up came the pickerel cheeks. If you have never had these before you are missing out! Delicious, not an overtly fishy taste, very mild and the cheeks are very delicate.

I put them in the same cast iron, allowing them to pick up any left over spices from the onions and peppers


I added the juice of one lime and before long the juice from the cheeks was coming out.



These do not take long to cook, so I added the cilantro and gave them maybe another minute



Finally they all came off… I tossed a couple pitas directly on the grill to warm them then made my pickerel cheek Fa-Pita!


I know, not the greatest plated pic, but damn, it tasted good! Put some sour cream, my home made guacamole, lettuce, the peppers and onions, a blend of cheeses and a few shot of Tabasco on it.

Trying to think of anything I would change to make these better next time and I honestly can’t think of much. They turned out pretty damned good! If you want more heat, feel free to add some hot peppers, but really, I think they would overpower the delicate fish. The Pita shell actually worked out very well, so I am not even sure I would go back to using a corn tortilla for these to be honest.

Happy Egging!