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Slider Night 2012

And what a night!!!  Not a bad slider in the bunch. All of our friends brought their A Game with them (along with some Kick Ass sliders!)

From Sue, we had a decious (and I can’t stress the word delicious enough!) buffalo chicken slider.  Sue made a buffalo chicken sauce using Frank’s red hot, butter, and honey.  There was a rediculous amount of chicken left over after the sliders were done, but by the end of the night it was all gone.  I personally couldn’t stop eating it!


From Glenn & Kim, we had a beef slider, stuffed with boconccini & chili paste, then topped with a quail egg.  We’ve never used quail eggs before and now we know they are a real bitch to crack without getting shell everywhere.  But boy were they tasty!  Most impressive was that Glenn made his own slider buns and they were perfect!




From Stacey, we had  a yummy beef slider with sundried tomatoes, basil pesto, goat cheese, and pepperoncinis on a ciabatta slider bun.



From Steve & Erin, thank goodness a vegetarian option!  A bean-based patty with chili and cumin which had a pretty good texture for a meatless burger.

From myself and Brian, we made our lamb slider with Tztatziki sauce, and it was a hit. (I’m sure it was the homemade tzatziki!)  Instead of a bun, I cut round discs out of a loaf of fresh rye bread, and that worked great because people were starting to get full and I didn’t want them filling up on a thick bun.




From Sherwin & Anne, we had a very unique (ie. delicious!) Asian slider.  The bun was actually a fried rice patty, the meat was pork, and it was topped with a chinese sausage.  Never had a slider like this before, but hope I do again!!


From Darcy & Daena, we enjoyed delicious beef & blue cheese sliders with balsamic caramelized onions.

From Sherry & Ian, we enjoyed a great dessert slider.  White cupcakes, with brownie “hamburger” patty and tri-coloured icing for the “condiments” and boy was it tasty!  Great way to wrap up the evening.


Unfortunately I don’t seem to have any pictures of the vegetarian slider or the beef & blue cheese slider! Oops… must have been too busy eating!!!

We had so many left over sliders though Brian and I got to enjoy them all over again the next day and they were just as good!!!

Happy Egging!!!