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Italian Sausage & Pepper Wrap

I COULD go on and have you all believe that this is what I INTENDED to make for breakfast today, but honestly it was supposed to be sausage and pepper breakfast burritos, which ALSO included eggs, but I was having an off morning I guess and ruined the eggs.

Not only that, but I ruined a whole DOZEN eggs!!! The first were going into the mixing bowl to get scrambled, when the last one I put in had a bloody yolk. I guess that’s why they say, crack your eggs into a separate bowl first… lesson learned. So the first 6 go down the drain with some cold water and the next 6 are beaten and then put into the fridge for when I need them.

So then I put my cast iron skillet on the the Big Green Egg directly at about 375F and added a couple of hot Italian sausages. I cooked up some onions till they had caramelized and then sliced up the sausage when it was about 75% cooked and tossed it in the skillet too, along with some green peppers and spices.

So when the sausage finished cooking through I took the skillet inside, dumped it all into a bowl and covered with foil and then came back out to do the scrambled eggs… this is where it all went wrong!

I decided to try something different and instead of cooking the eggs directly, because they cook so fast that way, I thought about slowing them down and I put the plate setter on the Big Green Egg, then the grill, then the cast iron skillet.

I let it get hot again, but when I dumped the eggs in, no sizzle… not hot enough. The eggs were just swirling around in the pan and picking up the burned oil and sausage bits from before.

So I thought, I needed more heat, so very carefully I lifted the skillet with one hand and took the grill off the Big Green Egg and put the skillet back down directly on the plate setter.

This started to work, but the more I “scrambled” the eggs, more the gross they looked. Even before they finished cooking I had decided I was not going to eat those and pulled them off and went inside to make sausage and pepper wraps instead.

A tortilla with sour cream, guacamole, and sausage, onions and peppers. Not pictured is the cheddar that I put on after I took the picture.

The eggs ended up in the trash!

So lessons learned:

  1. Crack your eggs into a separate bowl first
  2. Cook your eggs in a more cleaned out cast iron skillet so they don’t go all shades of gross.
  3. Don’t mess with what works and cook your eggs directly with the Big Green Egg shut down the way you used to instead of trying something new!

Happy Egging!!!