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Pecan Smoked Pork Chops


How many times do you come home and cook the same kind of thing on your BBQ (Big Green Egg, Gas Grill or other…) and it’s the same thing you’ve made a hundred times over but want to do something different.

Well one of the easiest way to add a burst of flavour is to toss some wood chips into the coals and change how everything tastes.

You can find all kinds of different wood chips for different kinds of dishes.

Maple and Alder work great with fish, chicken and pork.

Alder and Pecan are good with chicken and pork where Hickory is a little stronger and works GREAT with pork.

Mesquite is much stronger and goes well with red/game meats… like beef, bison, deer ect.

I picked up some pork loin chops and hit them with some Bad Byron’s Butt Rub which has a nice salt/pepper/heat balance and then decided to use some Pecan chips for some sweet smoke.


I only soaked the chips for about 30 minutes, but this is going to be a faster smoke, just to add a little flavour, not a long low and slow that that should be fine.

I tossed the wet chips directly onto the coals to get the smoke going…


…and then added my raised grid

and put the pork chops on.


After about 10 minutes I checked on the chops… look at the colour already!

After 10 more minutes these were done. They were in the 140 to 150F range.

It was delish and really easy and the flavour of the pecan was subtle, sweet and a little smokey.

Happy Egging!